A fast, lightweight, customizable file search alternative for Windows 7

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Regain control of your files

Find the files you're looking for, fast. The default search is ideal for locating and opening individual files. The detailed search is great for finding multiple files, or for performing batch operations on search results. Conjure can even locate files on mapped network drives.

Take A Peek


Show/hide Conjure (configurable)
Open the selected result or first result
Perform a detailed search
Open the parent directory of the selected result or first result
Send the selected file or directory to the Recycle Bin (also available from detailed search)
Rename the selected file or directory
(Detailed search only) Create a Zip file containing the selected file(s) on the desktop
(Detailed search only) Drag files as normal from the detailed search results

Conjure Commands

Open Conjure's configuration window
Close Conjure